Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership

Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership

Drawing on the 450-year heritage of Harrow School in the UK, our educational ethos is based on the four Harrow Values: COURAGE, HONOUR, HUMILITY and FELLOWSHIP.

This heritage is reflected in everything we do. Our academic programmes ensure educational excellence; our close personal tutoring ensures that every student maximises their potential; our ‘Leadership & Service’ programmes shape the attitudes and behaviours of our students.

Underpinning this approach is the ‘House system’. Modelled on the traditions of Harrow School in the UK, the boarding Houses offer students a smaller community within the School, broadening the range of activities available and ensuring support is individualised; a home from home. A key strength of the system is its vertical structure, with a range of ages in each House creating a ‘family’ unit where older students support their younger peers.

Respect for these traditions is balanced by innovation. We are forward-looking and seek to create new approaches to education. Our progressive teaching methods and distinctive curricula are adapted to the needs of Harrow Appi. A strong commitment to teacher training through our Harrow Academy places us at the forefront of educational developments.

Combined, our approach nurtures successful and well balanced students, with the skills, knowledge and personal attributes to excel in a rapidly changing world. We encourage our alumni to demonstrate leadership and service in their adult lives; they are prepared for high-achieving futures, serving their communities.

Our graduates are equipped to become tomorrow’s leaders.