Curriculum Overview

Following our bespoke Harrow international curriculum, study at Harrow Appi leads to IGCSE (age 16) and A Level (age 18) examinations.  The IGCSE and A Level programmes allow students to select from a wide range of courses, specialising in the subjects of their choice.

Utilising outstanding facilities, cutting edge methodologies, small class sizes (typically 16 students), and Appi’s mountain environment, our teachers enhance the curriculum in numerous ways. Our science students, for example, have immediate access to the natural world; they can conduct experiments outside and observe natural phenomenon first hand – habitats for instance, or astronomical study. Our creative arts students, inspired by the environment, produce extraordinary works of visual art, music and drama.

As a truly international school, Harrow Appi enjoys a mix of students from many nationalities, offering a language-rich environment. Whilst the curriculum is delivered in English, all students study either Japanese or Chinese for at least three hours per week (with extension lessons available in the evenings and at weekends).


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