Curriculum Overview

Following our bespoke Harrow international curriculum, study at Harrow Appi leads to IGCSE (age 16) and A Level (age 18) examinations. The IGCSE and A Level programmes allow students to select from a wide range of courses, specialising in the subjects of their choice.

Utilising outstanding facilities, cutting edge methodologies, small class sizes (typically 16 students), and Appi’s mountain environment, our teachers enhance the curriculum in numerous ways. As a full, 7-day boarding school, students learning isn’t confined to the traditional school day and it isn’t confined to classrooms.

In the core curriculum for example:

  • In Geography, there are local mountains to study, rivers to examine, and nearby towns such as Morioka through which to evaluate how physical and human geography combine to create human settlements.
  • Biology and Chemistry students use the school’s lake as a base for experiments.
  • In Economics, students analyse the Appi Ski Resort as a business, considering the factors which make it successful.
  • Drama and Music students perform ‘in the round’, using the outdoor environment as their stage.

Our world-class academic programmes ensure that all students reach their academic potential. They develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary for university entrance and for fulfilling adult lives.

Celebrating Language & Culture

As a truly international school, Harrow Appi enjoys a mix of students from many nationalities, offering a language- and culture-rich environment.

All core subjects are taught and assessed in English. Students speaking English as an additional language are expertly supported as they develop confidence and precision in their use of spoken and written English.

We also offer both Japanese and Chinese, with a large portion of curriculum time dedicated to language study. Japanese nationals are able to progress in their native language to a level good enough to secure entry into a Japanese university, should they desire.

All students study Japanese culture. Celebration and respect for Japanese traditions, events and special occasions form an important part of Harrow Appi life.