How to get there​

  • From Iwate Hanamaki Airport (flights from/to Taipei and Shanghai): approx. 70 min. by car
  • From Aomori Airport (flights from/to Incheon Seoul, Taipei and Tianjin): approx. 90 min. by car
  • From Sendai Airport (flights from/to Incheon Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing and Bangkok): approx. 140 min. by car
  • From Narita International Airport to Tokyo station: approx. 70 min. by train
  • From Haneda International Airport to Tokyo station: approx. 30 min. by train
  • From Tokyo station to Morioka station: 131 min. by the fastest Shinkansen (bullet train)
  • From Morioka station to Appi: approx. 60 min. by train / approx. 50 min. by car


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