Co-Curricular Activities

Cultivate Talents in Nature

Our extensive Extra-Curricular Activities programmes are not ‘extra’; they are an expectation.

We believe that vital learning takes place outside of the classroom, referring to our activities programme as ‘Co-Curricular’ – part of, not ‘extra’ to, what we offer. Academic learning is therefore supported by an extensive range of activities, societies, and events. These programmes broaden horizons, instil a sense of adventure, and foster the six leadership attributes.

At Harrow International School Appi, students enjoy two distinct extracurricular seasons: white and green.

White Season: Winter Sports

In winter, all Harrow Appi students ski or snowboard at least twice during the week. Additionally, many will also take the opportunity of weekend skiing, enjoying the slopes four times or more.

Coached by professionally trained ski and snowboarding instructors, each season students are divided into ski groups based on ability. This allows for dedicated, focused instruction for all levels, beginner to expert.

In addition to the standard winter sports programme, Harrow Appi runs a Race Academy. Our very best skiers train for a variety of racing disciplines, challenging themselves against each other, and against other local clubs and schools.

Whatever their ability when they join us, every student leaves Harrow Appi as a confident skier or snowboarder. Many will become accomplished winter sports athletes, competing in races, and developing a lifelong affinity for mountain environments.

Green Season: Summer Sports

Focused on golf, tennis and cycling, the green season extends the opportunity to enjoy the natural setting of Appi Kogen. Students will enjoy these activities, at minimum, twice per week and, for those wishing to develop expertise, perhaps three to four times per week.

Appi itself offers world-class golf and an extensive tennis facility. The hills and forests beyond Appi offer countless routes for road and mountain biking. Within the academy programme, elite coaches develop students in each of these disciplines, supporting students of all abilities to specialise and achieve at a high level, including in competition.

Other Activities

In addition to the white and green sports academy programmes, students are given the opportunity to join a wide range of other activities. With plenty of choose from, there is something for everyone for instance in innovation and digital technology, sports, music and other creative arts, and service to their community.

Sport has always been important for Harrow. Our Harrow Sports programme ensures that all students participate in sport through clubs, House events and academies. Many students will specialise in one or more sports, something we encourage and supported through specialist coaching. By playing competitively, and representing their House or school across a range of sports, students learn high level skills and experience lessons for life. By developing a love of sport, students enjoy better physical and emotional health and will value the benefits of sport, hopefully for the duration of their lives.

Challenging students to step outside their comfort zones, perhaps performing in front of an audience or taking part in a debate, our Harrow Talents programme is vital to the development of the Harrow values of honour, fellowship, courage and humility, as well as the six leadership attributes. Through the creative arts, (music, drama and visual art) students build self-confidence and grow as individuals.


Examples of activities available include:

Anime ClubDramaPercussion
ArcheryIkebanaArt Club
FootballSwimming AcademyAstronomy Club
DebateJapanese Tea CeremonyBadminton
Creative WritingModel United NationsBasketball
Jazz ClubBadmintonBoard Games
Horse RidingTable TennisBoxing
Fashion ClubPhotographyChess
Rock BandChoirFilm Club
Trail RunningCrossfit/Circuit TrainingDrama Production
ClimbingRugbyScience Club
Coding ClubYogaVolleyball
CookingOrchestraStudent Newspaper

In addition, our Expeditions Programme provides students with a wide range of diverse outdoor education challenges; always safe, our students find themselves in some very exciting situations. Whether a life-changing experience up a mountain or building and camping on a raft, expeditions expand the students’ view of themselves and their world.

In keeping with our mission, many students also take on the challenge and opportunity of leading their own activity, introducing their own personal passion or interest to the Harrow Appi community.

Service Learning

At Harrow Appi, we consider Service Learning as a fundamental principle of our students’ leadership education.

The School provides students with many opportunities to work selflessly for the betterment of others, nurturing compassionate leaders. There is an expectation that students demonstrate a willingness to give their time and effort to benefit another individual or group, without expectation of reward or return. They might, for example:

  • Teach English in a local school;
  • Raise funds for a local charity or cause;
  • Working with local charities to learn about sustainability and how to preserve the natural environment;
  • Help local businesses to think about how they connect with international audiences;
  • Conduct workshops for local students, helping them to learn about diversity and inclusion.