Holistic Education

A Harrow-branded education is holistic. Harrow students are well-rounded and confident, active, and engaged – in the classroom and beyond.

Our extensive Co-Curricular programme instils the Harrow Values – courage, honour, humility and fellowship – and develops six leadership attributes (not in any order of priority): 

  • Contributing positively the community
  • Applying knowledge with compassion
  • Solving problems collaboratively
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Making fair and just choices
  • Facing challenges with determination

In combination with our Leadership & Service Curriculum these values and attributes broaden each student’s outlook, instil a sense of adventure, and foster a deep commitment to service. Volunteering at retirement homes and involvement in local businesses, for example, allows Harrow Appi students to better understand the importance of community and to build international perspectives, a habit that they will take into their adult life. In 2018, Harrow International was the proud recipient of a global award for Community Service, a benchmark Harrow Appi aims to meet and exceed.

To ensure Harrow students are academically stretched and develop intellectual curiosity, our Super Curriculum activities such as an Engineering Society, Model United Nations, public speaking and coding competitions provide students with frequent opportunities to collaborate in competitions, lectures, and partnerships with other students in the global Harrow Family.

Our Harrow Sport programme gives students the opportunity to test and extend themselves across a range of physical endeavours. Making the most of the school’s location, we have the Harrow Alpine Academy, allowing students to ski or snowboard up to four times a week. The programme includes advanced race training, perfecting each student’s technique in a variety of snow conditions, from powder to racing through slalom gates. All lessons are taught safely and expertly by professional instructors. In addition, all students are trained in avalanche rescue and mountain survival techniques, alongside snowshoe and ski mountaineering skills with increasing challenge and independence as they mature.

In the summer we provide three academies — Golf, Tennis and Cycling (mountain and road) — in addition to the year-round Swim Academy. These specialisms allow students to achieve a high level of skill, competing at an advanced level.

And, when students want some time away from the slopes, courts or course, our Harrow Talent programme challenges students to extend their comfort zones. We have a Music School and specialisms in drama and visual arts. Innovation, Entrepreneurship and languages also feature strongly. 

As a full boarding school set in the mountains of Tohoku, the opportunities at Harrow Appi to develop the whole child are endless. Offered seven days a week, early morning through late evening, our Co-Curricular, Super Curriculum, Sports, and Leadership & Service programmes combine to create a unique and exciting range of opportunities which support the development of resilience, teamwork, problem solving and transferable life skills.

Drawing all of this together is an Award programme which recognises and celebrates student achievements across six themes (also not prioritised):

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Sports
  • Creative & Performing Arts
  • Communication & Endeavour
  • Community Service
  • Other Events

The Programme leads to awards at ‘Pass’, ‘Merit’ and ‘Distinction’ level, is given a high profile at Speech Day, and is invaluable for university application. The Award avoids overspecialisation, encouraging students to balance their passions and to avoid the distractions so common of teenage life.

In other words, through our various programmes a Harrow education is holistic – broad, challenging, balanced, and rigorous.