Sixth Form

YEAR 12 and 13 (AGE 16-18 YEARS)

Following their IGCSE examinations, students move into the ‘Sixth Form’ phase of the School, preparing themselves for success at university. They complete a two-year suite of A-Level courses, regarded as the gold standard of British education and recognised worldwide.

The Sixth Form years are both challenging and exciting. Students have the opportunity to specialise in subjects they particularly excel at, studying them to an advanced academic level. Additionally, all students complete an ‘Extended Project Qualification’ (EPQ) which allows for the development of research skills and the exploration of a topic of special interest in even greater depth; very much in the manner of under-graduate study. Students also have an opportunity to contribute to the management and leadership of the school by taking on key student positions of responsibility such as Head Girl, Head Boy, Student Academic Leadership Team, Prefect, and the Student Council.


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