Term Date

AUTUMN TERM (30 August 2023 ~ 15 December 2023)



Students return to their Houses 

Tuesday 29 August (Students may arrive from 4pm)

Autumn Term commences (Golden Season)

Wednesday 30 August

Autumn Half Term break

Saturday 7 October - Sunday 22 October

(inclusive. Students depart their Houses on afternoon of Friday 6 October - return from 4pm, Sunday 22 October)

White Season timetable commences

Monday 27 November (provisional)

End of Autumn Term

Friday 15 December (Students depart their Houses in the afternoon)

Winter Holiday

Saturday 16 December - Tuesday 9 January (inclusive. Students may return from 4pm, Tuesday 9 January)

WINTER TERM (10 January 2024 ~ 5 April 2024)



Winter Term commences (White Season)

Wednesday 10 January

Winter Half Term break

Saturday 17 February - Sunday 3 March

(Inclusive. Students may return to from 4pm, Sunday 3 March)

End of Winter Term

Friday 5 April (Students depart their Houses in the afternoon)

SPRING TERM (29 April 2024 ~ 28 June 2024)

Spring Holiday

Saturday 6 April - Sunday 28 April (Inclusive. Students may return from 4pm, Sunday 28April)



Spring Term commences (Green Season begins)

Monday 29 April

Speech Day and end of Spring Term

Friday 28 June (Students depart their Houses in the afternoon)

Summer Holiday

Commences Saturday 29 June

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