Fees and Financing


Application, Enrolment and Tuition Fees

Fee categoryFeePayment dueAmount (JPY)
Application and enrolmentApplication feeUpon application22,000
Enrolment feeUpon acceptance of a place772,000
School Deposit (refundable*)Upon acceptance of a place440,000 (Applicants not requiring visa support)
880,000 (Applicants requiring visa support)
Tuition and boardingTuition fee (includes boarding costs)The fee will be split into three payments which are due before each term beginsYear 78,490,000
Year 88,490,000
Year 98,820,000
Year 108,820,000
Year 118,820,000
Year 129,270,000
Year 139,270,000

*Subject to terms and conditions

Additional Fees

Tuition fees cover most parts of school life. However, there are some exceptions, where additional fees will be charged. Some of these additional fees are a requirement, some are optional.

Fee categoryFeeRequired or OptionalPayment DueAmount (JPY)
Overnight trips and expeditions*Long Expedition (may be in Japan or overseas)**RequiredAdded to Spring Term tuition invoiceUsually 200,000~600,000 - though dependent on the itinerary and location of the trip
Other overseas tripsOptional~Dependent on the itinerary and location of the trip
Overnight tripsOptional~Dependent on the itinerary and location of the trip
Educational and activitiesAdditional one-on-one coaching (musical instruments, sports, etc)Optional~Dependent on the coaching
Additional activities like rock climbing or bowlingOptional~Dependent on the activity
Specialist educational assessments that are required by the school and can’t be provided by school staff (Educational Psychologist, Specialist Counsellor, Speech Therapist, etc)Required if requested by the school~Dependent on the specialist
EquipmentSchool UniformRequiredUsually 1 month before school beginsUsually ~260,000
Appropriate personal clothing for our mountain environmentRequiredBefore term beginsDependent on the clothing
Academic equipment (laptop and stationary)RequiredBefore school beginsDependent on the laptop and stationary

* Regularly scheduled day trips and expeditions are included in tuition costs.
** The Long Expedition will be a week-long trip that the whole school attends together, usually held in Term 3.

Other fees not listed here may be charged. The school will strive to inform parents well in advance if such fees arise.

If you have questions about fees, we encourage you to get in touch with admissions who will provide advice.



Harrow Appi offers scholarships under five categories:

  • Byron Scholarships for English and Drama
  • Sato Scholarships for Music
  • Schiffrin Scholarship for Sport
  • Honda Scholarship for STEAM
  • Dragon’s Eye Scholarship for All Round Excellence

Scholarship Award

  • 10-40% of tuition


  • Any child who has been accepted to Harrow Appi and paid the school deposit will be considered for a scholarship
  • Applicants may apply for up to three scholarships

Selection Criteria

  • Child’s character and suitability for boarding
  • Child’s academic ability and potential
  • Child’s achievements relating to their scholarship area of choice
  • Family’s financial need
  • The needs of the school

Application Process and Dates

The Scholarship Application form will be available on OpenApply under ‘Checklists’ once the application has been submitted.

Deadline for application – 30 June 2023

Result announcement – 30 July 2023


Bursaries are awarded to enable existing students to continue studying at Harrow Appi in situations where unexpected changes to circumstances make continued payment of school fees difficult.


  • Child has been studying at Harrow Appi for one full academic year

Application Process

  • Contact admissions@harrowappi.jp entitling your email “Bursary Application” and explain the reasons a bursary is necessary for your child to continue studying at the school. The Admissions Team will request additional documents as necessary.

Sibling Discounts

Discounts will be applied for siblings who are educated in the school concurrently. The discount is applied to the third and subsequent sibling(s) in the order of birth.

2nd childN/A
3rd child5%
4th child10%
5th and subsequent children15%

If you have any questions about fee payment and financing, we encourage you to get in touch with admissions who will provide advice.


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