Act on Specified Commercial Transactions in Japan

Legal Name H.A. International School
Address180-8 Appi Kogen, Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Designated representative Mick Farley, Head Master
Email Address
Phone Number 0195-73-5318
PricesPlease see the price for each service/product on their respective service page. The prices are indicated either on a before or after consumption tax basis. The customer will pay the applicable consumption tax.
Time of Delivery Please see the date of delivery specified on each service/product.
Method of PaymentBank transfer or credit card payment only.
Additional Fees
Exchange & Returns

Application and Enrollment Fees

School Deposit

  • The school deposit is non-interest bearing and refundable.
  • Cases where the deposit is not refunded are outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

School fees

  • School fees are non-refundable as stated in the Terms and Conditions. No exchanges are available. Fee payments are made in advance.

Other paid events (Spring Camps, Winter Camps, Paid trial classes etc.)

  • In principle there are no exchanges or returns. Payments are made in advance.