Message From the Head

What is the value of an extraordinary education?

Harrow international School Appi Japan is one of the most unique international schools you will find. We are the original and only British style Full Boarding School in Japan and have a distinctiveness not to be found elsewhere in Asia.

With a diverse student body and a highly experienced and motivated staff team, we are well placed to offer young people a different school experience that will allow them to be happy, successful and fully prepared for the adult lives they will lead. 

A school less ordinary

At Harrow Appi we pride ourselves on being an extraordinary community, where people matter, results count and where a passion for both excellence and elegance drives all that we do. The education programme on offer is breathtakingly broad. Our curriculum is both rigorous, challenging and engaging, taking full advantage of our wonderful setting in the mountains of the Iwate Prefecture. In addition, our Full Boarding set up allows us to care, support and nurture the students around the clock; we quickly become a home from home. Moreover, our remote location is magical, safe and free from distractions. Finally, we take full advantage of the Appikogen environs to provide students with an Enrichment programme unlike any other school, demonstrating our commitment to the development of mind, body and spirit. 

A Value led education

In any good school or indeed in any organisation, strong and clearly expressed values create identity, focus, unity and drive, answering the questions ‘what do we belong to?, ‘what is important to us?’, ‘what holds us together?’ and ‘why do our collective efforts matter?’. At Harrow Appi, our Values are our anchor and help us to make decisions from day-to-day that mean we behave and perform better, inspiring us to try harder as individuals, so that collectively we thrive. 

Developing a student narrative.

At Harrow Appi, we want all students to enjoy school and the unique experience that our setting provides. This is the perfect location for genuine holistic education to realise itself and where personal development is characterised by determination, resilience, self-confidence, the ability to lead and be part of a team, all with a genuine love of the natural environment.

Ultimately, we want our Harrovians to understand themselves, the world around them and their journey with us. Young people ready to become global citizens must be able to tell their own rich self-narrative; a personal story of great things achieved, lessons learned, and challenges overcome. As such, our students are typically confident, dynamic, entrepreneurial, emphatic, and questioning. They are ambitious for themselves and the world they will inhabit as adults.

I hope that this introduction to Harrow Appi encourages you to find out more about what makes us so very unique. Please do explore our website or come and visit us and see for yourself. You never know, it could be the start of another special journey.

Stephen Tong
Head Master 

Stephen Tong joined Harrow Appi in August 2023 as Acting Head Master and now is the Head Master of Harrow Appi as of January 2024. He has been part of the Harrow family for many years with his most recent position as Acting Head Master of Harrow Shenzhen Qianhai. With an impressive thirty-two years of teaching experience in six different schools in the United Kingdom, Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our community. Throughout his career, he has held diverse curricular and pastoral roles, accumulating over twenty years as a senior leader. Prior to his journey to China, Stephen served as the Headteacher of a large secondary school in the far Southwest of England for twelve years. He holds a degree in History from the esteemed Durham University, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence.