University Counselling


The Harrow Family is proud of its track record in getting our graduates to their university of choice; and then seeing them be successful when they get there. This expertise is shared across the family and will support our Harrow Appi Sixth Formers as they prepare to move to university in the years ahead.  

In Shell (Year 9), students will complete an online aptitude test profile to determine their interests, skills and values for different career themes. The personalised attention programme will continue in the Fifth Form (Year 11) where each student will build a more in-depth, psychometric career profile, offering detailed analysis and subject and career suggestions, followed by a one-to-one meeting with a Harrow Appi university advisor. Throughout Remove (Year 10) and Fifth Form, students will complete the Harrow Careers Programme through Futures lessons where students will follow a comprehensive curriculum exploring different careers fields, the changing world of work, employability and transferable skills.

All Harrow students receive substantial guidance and support in choosing their IGCSE and A Level subjects at the key decision points in Shell (Year 9) and Fifth Form (Year 11). During Fifth Form, all students take part in the Harrow Work Experience Programme where they will complete one week of work experience in a company local to Harrow Appi. Through the programme, students also gain skills in writing CVs, applying for jobs and job interviews.

We expect Harrow Appi students to move to university, with most being admitted to their first choice. Many of our students will pursue higher education in the UK, however, a large number of our students will apply to other global destinations, including in Japan, China and elsewhere in East Asia, North America. We offer advice and individual support for all major global destinations.

The Sixth Form Careers and University Guidance Programme will provide a comprehensive structure over two years, exploring options and developing skills in Year 12 and moving on to focused support in Year 13.

Support for IELTS, SAT preparation and the Extended Project Qualification will also be offered to students. They have access to a range of resources through the Careers and University Guidance Library, our online resource hub on Dashboard, and Bridge-U, an online application research platform.

A key strength of our programme will be the access to university lecturers and admissions representatives that Harrow Appi students will have. A broad range of global universities will visit us, virtually and face to face, ensuring that our students receive the most up to date, focused information when they need it.

The Careers and University Guidance Department, along with the Sixth Form Team, will focus on the individual needs of each student. All students will receive a one-to-one careers interview in Year 12 to formulate their individual action plan, liaising with parents. Drop-in clinics will be offered for students to receive help on university choices, writing personal statements, and personal essays. There will be bespoke workshops and the Next Steps Programme at the end of Year 12. We are confident that the personalised support and advice that will be available in our Sixth Form means there should be no need to seek help from consultants outside the school.


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