Super Curriculum

Boundless Learning in Nature

Timetabled lessons are only one dimension of academic life. A Harrow Appi education is holistic.

To ensure students are stretched and their intellectual curiosities inspired, we provide a broad range of ‘Super Curriculum’ activities.

Through clubs and societies, guest speakers, debate and public speaking competitions, students are encouraged to wrestle with challenging problems; they are encouraged to apply their knowledge to new and testing situations. They learn to communicate, to solve problems, and to think both critically and creatively.

We encourage our students to look carefully at our STEAM Super Curriculum offer. There are a range of exciting activities, aiming to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, confidence, collaboration skills and problem-solving, as well as allowing them to recognise the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering and Maths. Jobs in the various sectors of STEAM are increasing at a rapid speed globally and it is important we prepare our students for these fields of work.

We have offer activities which focus on wellbeing. We believe it is important for students to understand how to look after their mental health, just like we learn how to look after our physical health. By learning how to protect our wellbeing and build resilience, students can take control of any situation they find themselves in and thrive. Good wellbeing on leaving school is as important and has just as much impact on life outcomes as exam success.

These skills have lifelong value and add extra value to a university application. Through these Super Curriculum opportunities, students become well-rounded and confident, active and engaged – in the classroom and beyond.