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Harrow Appi follows a British style education. A bespoke and adapted version of the British curriculum is offered to students in Years 7-9, leading to study for IGCSE in Years 10 and 11. IGCSE is the international equivalent of the GCSE qualification sat by all students in England at the age of 16 (in essence, a Junior High matriculation assessment).

Following IGCSE, and prior to High School graduation, students complete a two-year A-Level programme regarded as the gold standard in the British education system and recognised worldwide. Subjects include: English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Computer Science, Art, Music, Drama, Design Technology, Business, Economics, Psychology, and Languages.

Many students also complete an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which allows them to develop research skills and explore a topic of interest in depth, giving them additional credits for university applications.

Inspired by Japan’s reputation for innovation and technology, Harrow Appi will specialise in STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. A state-of-the-art Innovation Hub is central to the school’s design, with all students engaging in ambitious and challenging STEM projects.

The main medium of instruction in Harrow Appi is English. All core subjects are taught and assessed in English.

In addition, the school will provide sufficient quality lessons in Japanese and/or Chinese to assure high attainment. IGCSE and A level examinations can also be sat in
the subjects of Japanese and Chinese.

Yes. Up to age 16, all students will study Japanese as part of their core curriculum. Japanese students will be able to progress sufficiently in their native language proficiency to secure entry into Japanese universities, should they wish.

Leveraging Harrow International's expertise in Chinese, Harrow Appi will also offer an extensive Chinese language programme. Harrow Appi students cangraduate with strong proficiency in three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese, if they wish.

Additional languages (French and Spanish, for example) will be offered according to student need.

To ensure teaching quality we recruit only the very best teachers, sourced from the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. Many have advanced degrees in education. In addition, all teachers receive thorough ongoing training to ensure that lessons are delivered in line with our 'Harrow Standards' protocols.

Rigorous quality assurance takes place through robust monitoring processes. Senior managers regularly observe and feed back to staff. Harrow Appi will be visited three times a year by Governors from Harrow School, London, and the Qulity Assurance Team of Harrow Internation, who ensure that our teaching aligns to Harrow Standards.

As a British curriculum school, we will not be directly teaching Japanese High School programmes. However, in terms of content, knowledge and skills, there is a large overlap between the two. Students will be learning many of the same things, albeit in English. Additionally, the curricula at Harrow Appi is adapted to take into account best practice in Japanese education – in many regards, our students are getting the best of both worlds.

We recognise that many students joining Harrow Appi may have English as an Additional Language (EAL). Our curriculum and our teaching approach are designed to accommodate the needs of these students. Teachers know and understand how to best accommodate and support EAL learners. Indeed, a focus of our recruitment is teachers who have experience and expertise with EAL students; we also provide ongoing training and development to ensure that we offer world-class EAL support.

We have high expectations for all of our students. A rigorous and ongoing assessment process forms an integral part of each student’s development. At Harrow we believe that learners are entitled to:

  • Have their achievements recognised, valued, and celebrated appropriately.
  • Assessment tasks which give multiple and varied opportunities to demonstrate learning.
  • Assessment tasks that are authentic, worthwhile, interesting and educative.
  • Have clear, comprehensible, public and consistently applied criteria for their assessment tasks.
  • Have genuine, usable and effective feedback to facilitate improvement.

The specific modes of assessment and reporting are tailored to the different phases of the school, these processes are fully explained to parents and students during induction.

As a full boarding school, homework (known as ‘prep’) is an integral part of the school day. Appropriately challenging ‘prep’ is set according to each child’s age and phase of education.

All lessons are taught by academic subject specialists, many of whom hold advanced degrees in their area of expertise.

Additionally, all students are allocated a House Tutor who is the primary point of contact between home and school and is responsible for overseeing the holistic development of the student.

The academic curriculum starts at approximately 8am and finishes at 3:00pm each day. Students will then enjoy our extensive co-curricular programme until approximately 5pm. They will then return to their boarding houses to freshen up, eat dinner, followed by supervised ‘prep’ (homework). From 9pm until bedtime (different depending on student ages) they have time to relax and enjoy the boarding house facilities.


Yes. Teachers from across the Harrow International schools regularly move between schools, often to promoted posts. Teachers from Harrow School, London, have also moved to teach in one or more of our international schools.

Our senior educators are the core of each of our schools and our recruitment process for members of our senior leadership team and our Heads is rigorous. They are expected to be exceptional educators, most will already have been a Head for several years.

Interviews are conducted at Harrow School, London wherever possible. A tour of Harrow School will be arranged for each candidate with an introductory presentation to Harrow Education to ensure candidates understand their role and responsibilities in delivering Harrow’s quality education in our school.

Selection and interview of each senior leadership team member for each school will involve board members of Harrow International from the UK. Once appointed, all Heads undergo a three-day induction residential programme at Harrow School, London, with training sessions with the Headmaster, Director of Studies, Director of Pastoral and others key educators.

All academic teaching staff are recruited through a rigorous selection process. A UK or equivalent Western teaching qualification is required as well as significant experience in teaching the UK National Curriculum. An undergraduate degree in the subject specialism is required (e.g. a Mathematics/Science degree for a Mathematics teacher)

All classes are led by at least one teacher, many are also be supported by a Teaching Assistant and, in some cases, by specialist staff (assisting students with language development, for example).


Yes. Many Harrow International students graduate to top US colleges and universities. A Levels are also highly regarded by US colleges, often attracting advanced credit against Freshman courses.

Yes. Harrow International students from across Asia have graduated to a number of prestigious Japanese institutions. Our expert university guidance teams will support a student with their application, wherever in the world they aspire to study.

Each year Harrow International graduates receive offers from Oxford, Cambridge, University College London and, in the US, from Ivy League universities.


Boarding is a hallmark of a British-style education; Harrow Appi will replicate the full boarding experience of Harrow London – all students will be boarders. The maximum capacity is 900.

Students will enjoy two distinct extracurricular seasons: white and green.

The white season focusses on skiing and winter sports. A race academy caters for elite skiers and snowboarders, expedition, hiking, and mountaineering challenge the more adventurous.

The green season focusses on golf, tennis and cycling. Golf and tennis academies provide world-class coaching and tuition.

A full range of other extracurricular activities are offered. Students will be encouraged to become fully immersed in the after-school activity programme, enjoying sports, music, drama, academic enrichment and community service.

Additional academic support will also be available to students in the evenings through a structured prep/homework time.

Yes. All Harrow Appi students will be boarders.

Yes, absolutely. Schools need children with different abilities, different interests and different passions. For those less inclined to sporting pursuits we offer a wide range of other activities – arts, drama, debating clubs, robotics, gaming clubs and much more.


Harrow AppiSchool SectionYear GroupAgeBirth Date for Academic
2022-2023 Entry
Upper SchoolPrep PhaseYear 7 11 to 121 Sep 2010 - 31 Aug 2011
Year 8 12 to 131 Sep 2009 - 31 Aug 2010
Year 9 13 to 141 Sep 2008 - 31 Aug 2009
Senior School Year 1014 to 151 Sep 2007 - 31 Aug 2008
Year 1115 to 161 Sep 2006 - 31 Aug 2007
Sixth FormYear 12 16 to 17 1 Sep 2005 - 31 Aug 2006
Year 13 17 to 181 Sep 2004 - 31 Aug 2005

Students will be asked to sit for a series of age-moderated tests in Maths, English, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The results of these tests are benchmarked against the standards in our other schools. All of these tests are conducted in English.

There will also be an interview with a member of the teaching staff.

The maximum capacity of HIS Appi is 900 students. At opening the school will offer classes in Years 7-9, with a minimum of 180 places available.

The current intention is to open the school in August 2022 for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. However, subject to demand, we may also open Year 10 and/or Year 12. If you wish your child/children to be considered for Year 10 or Year 12 for the academic year 2022-23 please contact us at to register your interest.


Whilst we welcome students wishing to move between our schools, each school has its own entrance requirements and all applicants are required to undergo the school’s admissions tests. Transfer isn’t automatic but is something we will support and assist with as required.

Note that Harrow School, London, is boys only and has very different entrance requirements to Harrow International schools.

Yes. We will make arrangements for special campus tours when the site is operational. These visits will be publicized well in advance.

We will offer a range of options for transport to/from the school at the start and end of terms and for holiday (‘exeat’) weekends.

Chaperone services will be available from Tokyo Station for younger students and shuttle buses will operate to/from Morioka Station. Other pick-up options will be available according to student need.

Shuttle bus services from stations local to Appi will be included in the school fees.

We have strict rules about where students can go during the evenings and during their free time at weekends. These rules vary according to age but are always mindful of a ‘safety first’ approach. Students will be able to visit local shops in Appi and will be able to have supervised visits to other local towns at weekends.

Yes, of course. We welcome parents to visit the school, though ask that these visits are planned well in advance and that they take place at appropriate times (weekends and evenings for example, not during the school day).


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