A non-refundable, non-transferable application fee of JPY 22,000 must be paid for each application.


A non-refundable, non-transferable enrolment fee of JPY 772,000 must be paid for each child. 


A refundable deposit is payable for each student enrolled, to be remitted within two weeks of receiving the offer of a place at Harrow Appi. Failure to do so may result in the place being offered to another student. This payment will be held by Harrow Appi for the duration of the student’s time at the school.
The deposit is non-interest bearing and will be refunded when the student leaves Harrow Appi. The school reserves the right to offset this deposit against all or part of any monies owed by the family at the point of graduation or, prior, when the student leaves the school. Should any outstanding amount be greater than the deposit, payment for the difference is required from the family.

However, if parents cancel before their child joins the school entry, having accepted a place and with a full-term’s notice, the school deposit will be retained by the school.

  • School Deposit for Japanese students and residents of Japan: JPY 440,000
  • School Deposit for Overseas students: JPY 880,000


Year GroupTuition Fee (JPY)
Year 78,490,000
Year 88,490,000
Year 98,820,000
Year 108,820,000
Year 118,820,000
Year 129,270,000
Year 139,270,000


ACADEMIC TUITION: All academic tuition in the day school; textbooks and other academic resources (excluding personal stationery).

BOARDING: Full seven day boarding in rooms accommodating 1-3 students (including all bedding and laundry); all meals plus snacks and refreshments.

CO-CURRICULAR & SUPER-CURRIUCLUM PROGRAMMES: Scheduled co-curricular activities, including annual ski pass, timetabled group ski/snowboarding lessons (excluding private lessons) and supervised skiing/snowboarding. Scheduled group golf lessons and recreational golf. Scheduled group tennis lessons and recreational play. Tennis, golf and alpine equipment hire (this includes a helmet, poles, boots, skis and snowboards) but all personal clothing for skiing and snowboarding is required to be provided by families). All regularly scheduled Super Curriculum activities.

TRIPS & EXPEDITIONS: All regularly scheduled academic day trips/visits within Japan; day trips to sporting, cultural or creative events and fixtures within Japan; weekend expeditions and recreational trips.

Educational visits overseas or those involving an overnight stay will be the subject of a separate agreement with the Parents and the costs associated with them will be charged as an extra and added to the bill.

TRANSPORT: School-Morioka Station shuttle bus at start and end of each term, plus exeat weekends.

OTHER: Japanese student visa costs and application support for non-Japanese students. Insurance (including personal insurance for skiing and mountain-based activities, excluding equipment insurance if students use their own skis etc.). International Old Harrovian (IOH) membership, giving post-graduation access to IOH events and networking.

NB: Fees exclude school uniform costs, one-to-one sports coaching and Elite Academy charges, expeditions and school trips outside of Japan, personal equipment insurance (skis, golf clubs etc.), transport within Japan (other than to Morioka station at the start and end of terms), and other personal expenses


Discounts will be applied for siblings who are educated in the school concurrently. The discount is applied to the third and subsequent sibling(s) in the order of birth.

2nd child: N/A
3rd child: 5%
4th child: 10%
5th and subsequent child: 15%



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