It has been hugely saddening to see the ongoing devastating effects of COVID-19 as it spreads further and further across our planet. No corner, it seems, is now untouched. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Of course, it is imperative that we continue to do all we can to stay safe and to remain as positive-minded as we can.

We thank you for your continuous understanding and support during this challenging time. As the situation progresses, updates will be available here and will be shared via email as well.



*Last Update on 30 April 2020

*更新于2020 430


When will the Harrow Shanghai Campus reopen?


Harrow Shanghai has received confirmation from the SMEC that, having successfully passed all required inspections, consent has been given for the reopening of the campus. They have agreed to a staggered plan of restart dates that will see year groups resuming their face-to-face studies as follows:


6 May: Shell (Year 9), Remove (Year 10) and Lower Sixth (Year 12)

18 May: Year 7 and Year 8

19 May: Year 5 and Year 6

20 May: Fifth Form (Year 11) and Upper Sixth (Year 13)    


The SMEC has not yet given an indication of dates when year groups within the Lower School (Early Years and Pre-Prep) may return, however, we have passed the inspections necessary for that next step, whenever it may be permitted.  Of course, our ongoing comprehensive virtual learning programme will continue in full for these year groups until the children are back on campus. 









How will learning continue while the campus is closed?



The journey of virtual learning at Harrow Shanghai got underway on 4 February. During the past weeks our online learning programme, which continues to be refined, improved upon and extended, will of course be consistently in place throughout our forced closure. We conducted parental surveys on the virtual learning experience in the middle of March. The Senior Leadership Team has been discussing in some depth the findings and the helpful comments and advice passed on.



Are there any plans to increase the opportunities for more face-to-face time, once the school restarts?



The school will be able to offer schooling on Saturday mornings (08:00-12:00) each week until the end of the academic year.  We shall also be arranging a Summer Learning Camp for the first two weeks of the summer holiday from 25 June. We are extremely encouraged by, and proud of, the staff’s level of willingness to engage with these initiatives – we are all desperately keen to recoup some of the direct interactive contact time lost during this difficult period. Some other solutions are listed below:


  • The cancellation and omission of the Pre-Prep Assessment Week (which was due to take place week beginning 9 March)
  • The cancellation of the Summer Term Upper School end of year exams week (due to take place week beginning 18 May) – this would not discount the possibility of in-class assessments being arranged by subject
  • Cancellation of the Year 3 to Year 8 Residentials Week (scheduled for the week beginning 11 May)
  • Making use of a number of Extra-Curricular Activities slots (Monday to Thursday 3.15-4.15pm – although it is also very important that we still have sufficient time for our children to re-engage with their activity programmes for the social and physical benefits they bring)
  • Adding Friday 3:15-4:15pm slots
  • Making use of the Upper School Wednesday afternoon Games/Leadership and Service slots




  • 取消小学部考试周(原定于3月9日开始的那一周进行)
  • 取消中学部学年期末考试周(原定于5月18日开始的那一周进行),但各学科老师可自行根据教学计划安排随堂考试
  • 取消3至8年级的校外实践周(原定于5月11日开始的那一周进行)
  • 利用部分课外活动时段(周一至周四下午3:15-4:15)上课,但我们仍将确保学生们有充分的时间参与各项活动,锻炼身心。
  • 周五下午推迟放学时间,增加3:15- 4:15的上课时间
  • 利用部分周三下午的中学部游戏或领导力和服务时段上课
What will the school do to support the students emotionally?


We are very aware of the increasing threat that social isolation poses for all of our community, and most especially our students, and we are therefore ensuring our children can engage with their teachers, tutors, LSAs, peers and others via live or recorded lessons and messages as regularly as possible, often within complicated circumstances. With so much ongoing pressure, restriction and frustration, the mental health, well-being and remote pastoral care of our students has become a pressing priority for the school and our staff.  Our School Counsellor, Martin, remains available for all students and staff; he is meeting with individuals virtually when the need requires.  We shall be putting in place further help and advice for parents, and strategies for linking our children with their teachers and their peers more regularly.  The Student Monitors and the School Council are actively helping us with this, with peer to peer mentoring to the fore. 


What will the school do to ensure a safe campus upon the reopening?


  • The school campus has undergone a deep disinfection clean of all areas, including the use of our specialist UV lamps.
  • The schedule of regular cleaning (including disinfection) has been increased and will remain so until we can be sure the spread of the virus has been fully contained.
  • Stocks of hand wash and disinfection products have been increased.
  • We have a very large stock of face-masks available on-site
  • We have procured a large stock of thermometers for taking daily temperatures of all school community members.
  • Students who demonstrate any symptoms of being unwell whilst at school will be immediately isolated in the Medical Centre with their temperature taken.
  • The children will be taught how, and reminded to, take precautionary measures whilst at school (e.g. more regular hand washing).
  • Some communal play areas/equipment may be taken out of use.
  • Some off-campus trips and visits may be postponed or cancelled.
  • 校园已经完成了全面的清洁工作,并使用专业紫外线灯进行了全面消杀。
  • 增加定期清洁、消毒的频率,并将一直持续到疫情得到完全控制。
  • 增加了洗手液及消毒产品的库存。
  • 在学校期间表现出任何不适症状的学生将立即被隔离在卫生室,并进行体温测量。
  • 在学校,孩子们将被督促且教导提醒如何采取卫生预防措施(如勤洗手等)。
  • 一些公共活动区域和设备可能暂停使用。
  • 一些校外旅行和访问可能将推迟或取消。
When will the Harrow staff return to Shanghai?



The majority of our Harrow Shanghai staff has remained in the city throughout this lengthy postponement, including all of our dedicated and hard-working support staff.  The academic staff who presently remain overseas should make plans to return to Shanghai by no later than 28 March.  This will ensure that all staff can re-enter the campus daily from 13 April, having served their 14 days’ quarantine, ready to either teach live lessons once again – if we are permitted to resume normal operations by then – or to continue the delivery of their online programmes using the school’s infrastructure and resources.



Will the IGCSE/A Level examinations still happen this year?

今年的IGCSE/A Level考试还将如期进行吗?

On 18 March, the UK Government announced that all GCSE and A Level public examinations will not go ahead this summer. This is simply unprecedented. All public examinations have been cancelled, including all those for international centres such as Harrow Shanghai.  We await the formal guidance from the authorities in the UK as to how grades will be awarded and how students might choose to sit their examinations at a later date during the 2020-2021 academic year.

3月18日,英国政府宣布取消今年夏天的GCSE和A Level考试,这是前所未有的一项决定。所有的公开考试也随之被取消,其中包括哈罗上海在内的所有国际考试中心。目前我们还在等待英国官方的进一步具体措施,例如如何评估学生的成绩,学生是否会在2020-2021学年的晚些时候参加考试。

Is the admissions process for the 2020-2021 academic year still available?



The admissions process for 2020-2021 academic year entry is still very much ongoing. Parents can submit the online application though We will arrange online interviews for the applicants, at parents’ convenience.


As Harrow Shanghai campus is presently closed, sadly parents are not able to visit the school in person. For this reason, we have built a team of experts to provide specialised one-to-one online admissions consultation to all families who are interested. This super team is led by Mr Charles Ellison, the Head Master of Harrow Shanghai, including the Heads of Early Years, Lower School and Prep School, as well as other experienced senior leaders from our school. Specialised consultation is available from these experts, each of whom is equipped with over 20 years of teaching and management experience.


If you would like to have a one-to-one online consultation with any of our experts, please feel free to scan the WeChat QR code below (WeChat ID: HarrowSchoolShanghai) or email Mandy Deng, our Admissions Manager, will arrange an appointment for you.




目前哈罗上海校区处于关闭当中,很遗憾家长们不能亲自到学校参观。因此,我们建立了一支专家团队,为有兴趣入读哈罗上海的家庭提供一对一在线招生咨询。这支专家团队由哈罗上海的校长Charles Ellison先生带领,包括了幼儿园园长、小学部校长、初中部校长、升学指导专家等各学部管理层,每位专家都有超过20年的丰富教学和管理经验。如果您想与我们的专家进行一对一在线咨询,请扫描下方的微信二维码(微信号:HarrowSchoolShanghai)或发送邮件至,我们的招生负责人Mandy Deng将为您安排在线咨询。