Debate Club

At Harrow Appi, our students are not just learning; they’re thriving in dynamic environments like our Debating Club! Every week, our debaters tackle divisive and thought-provoking topics. They research the topic, learn the art of debate preparation, and engage in discussions, honing their skills in real-time. Here’s what some of our bright debaters have to say:

Vernon (Upper Prep): “In just 5 weeks, I’ve learned to speak confidently and work well with others. Researching and creating presentations with friends has been incredibly rewarding. I recommend the Debating Club for anyone looking to build new skills and create lasting memories.”

Izzy (Lower Prep): ” I know that this SCA has helped me a lot because before I started debating I was not at all confident in speaking in front of people; when I got up to speak my whole body would start shaking in fear that I would mess up or say something wrong but now when I act or do a speech I am calm and mostly confident. “
Debating is about building confidence, mastering language, and learning to collaborate effectively.