Letter from the Headmaster (5 Jan 2024)

A Follow Up Communication Ahead of the New Term

Dear Parents, 

As promised, I am writing to you as a follow up to my earlier communication about the school’s readiness for the new school term, particularly in light of the recent earthquake in Ishikawa. 

Fortunately, the news I have to share is very positive and as such this second letter is brief in its content.  Alex Batten, Head of Operations at Harrow Appi, together with his Operations Teams and our Facilities Management Services have now completed a thorough inspection of the school premises.  In undertaking this work, the team have worked closely with a number of partners including the School Architect and a selection of external licensed inspectors.  

The findings of this inspection suggest that there has been no impact on the school site and premises, buildings or services as a result of last week’s earthquake.  Granted, the distance of the school from the epicenter of the recent seismic activity, together with the high specification of our school buildings would give some level of confidence that there would be little or no impact on our operation.  However, the Harrow Appi team have left ‘no stone unturned’ in reassuring all stakeholders that we can be confident about ‘business as usual’ for the start of the school term. 

As a matter of routine, all staff and students, are briefed on how we should respond in the event of an Earthquake during school time and have undertaken regular drills since the opening of the school.  Next week will be no different and we have scheduled to carry out a school wide drill as a timely reminder. 

Finally, the transport network seems to be running as efficiently as normal, so we can look forward to welcoming back all students to the school next Tuesday (January 9) after 1600 in readiness for a prompt start to the term on Wednesday morning.  To be help with this, I would like to remind you that there is a bus due to leave Morioka station for the school at 1600 on Tuesday afternoon.  And finally, if students are making their own way back to school, please do not plan to use the last train of the day, just in case it is not running. 

Stet fortuna domus,

Stephen Tong 
Head Master 
Harrow International School Appi Japan

To view/ download PDF version: https://www.harrowappi.jp/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Letter-from-the-Head-Master-5-Jan-2024_EN.pdf