Tokyo American Club Member – Exclusive Event

Harrow International School Appi Japan

Setting New Educational Heights From August 2022

Harrow Appi exclusive event for Tokyo American Club Members

AISL Harrow International is proudly preparing to open Harrow Appi in August 2022; a super-premium international school operating to Harrow standards, in the extraordinary setting of Appi Kogen, providing outstanding academic outcomes with bespoke pastoral support and full boarding. 

Please join us at the exclusive event for Tokyo American Club members to learn more about Harrow Appi from the school’s founding Head Master, Mick Farley.

Event date: November 27th Sat, 2021

Event time: 2:00 PM ~ or 5:00 PM ~ 

Event venue: Tokyo American Club House

About Harrow appi

Set amongst the mountains of Iwate Prefecture, Harrow International’s first school in Japan is unique in Asia – a place where world-class education combines with stunning Japanese nature.

Harrow Appi caters for students aged 11 to 18 (Year 7 to 13) and, as a full boarding school, closely mirrors the experience of studying at Harrow School in the UK. Surrounded by the great outdoors, high achieving students excel both academically and physically.

Utilising Harrow’s British international curriculum, teaching is highly effective, ensuring academic outcomes are outstanding and students have the opportunity to access the world’s best universities. An extensive co-curricular programme ensures students are engaged in sport, creative arts, and serving their community; sports academies offer particular specialisms in skiing, swimming, tennis, golf, and cycling.

The stunning location provides a unique opportunity for the development of future leaders.

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