Expanding a Love for Music

Just before the Half Term break, Remove GCSE music students hosted a recital in the Speech Room, showcasing their talents on their chosen instruments. These varied from Piano to Violin, to Clarinet and even to Acoustic and Electric Guitars. They have spent over a month practising and preparing for the concert. Many of their friends, classmates, beaks, and staff came to support their performances. The purpose of the recital was so that students can experience the feeling of performing in front of an audience, overcoming their anxiety of stage fright, and becoming more confident as a musician. 

There was a total of nine performances spanning across the whole hour, with repertoire ranging from traditional 18th century Baroque music, all the way to a modern 2000’s avantgarde guitar piece. Around this time next year, students will finally be recording a live performance of their chosen musical piece, which will then be sent to the examination board for grading. The Performance Assessment is worth 30% of their whole GCSE Music grade, which makes sense as to why it is essential for students to continue to develop their practical skills and building up their confidence. 

The recital was an immense success, and all musicians were praised for their remarkable and memorable performances. This was only the first of many opportunities for students to display their musical talents at Harrow Appi, with the upcoming one being the Christmas Concert – an end-of-term celebration that promises to be full of surprises and excitement. 

Mr K 
Music Teacher