Unfolding the Beauty of Maths Origami: A STEAM-powered Journey into Japanese Culture

In a celebration of the convergence of art, mathematics, and Japanese heritage, a Maths Origami Workshop recently captivated Harrow Appi students with its fusion of creativity and intellectual rigor. The workshop, led by Harrow Appi STEAM specialists, offered a unique platform to explore the intricate world of origami while emphasising the vital role of STEAM education.

The workshop showcased how mathematical principles, particularly geometry and symmetry, form the bedrock of this ancient art form. Students marvelled at the transformation of simple sheets of paper into complex, three-dimensional paper crane through precise and calculated folds.

Beyond the mathematical intricacies, the workshop served as a gateway into Japanese culture. 

Students gained insight into the cultural significance of origami in Japan, to promote love and peace in our diverse school environment.

Central to the workshop’s mission was the aspiration to inspire the next generation of STEAM enthusiasts. By demonstrating the boundless possibilities that arise from the marriage of mathematics and art, learn about how Origami is applied in space craft design and civil engineering.