June Highlights

Together, let’s reflect on the outstanding achievements we’ve accomplished in June. 

Our Senior students (Shell and Remove) embarked on their final Short Ex, immersing themselves in the breathtaking beauty of our natural surroundings. Camping overnight in tents, they embraced adventure and built strong bonds within their year groups. Engaging in enjoyable mountain activities, they honed their skills and fostered lasting friendships. 


Back at school, we were treated to an unforgettable evening at the ‘Boogie Night’ event. The talents of our Drama and Dance students dazzled us with incredible performances. We also recognised outstanding creativity during the ‘Starburst Awards,’ applauding our students’ remarkable achievements. 

Not to be outdone, our Junior students (Lower and Upper Prep) embarked on their own exciting Short Ex journey. Guided by the expertise of Quinlan Faris from ‘GoNorth Japan,’ they explored the mesmerising Lava Field in Hachimantai. Through an educational nature walk, they discovered the wonders of local flora, fauna, and foraging in the enchanting forest and woodland. 

Following on, Sports Day served as a magnificent platform for students to proudly display the knowledge and skills they acquired throughout the year through their CCAs. With a remarkable display of athletic prowess and sportsmanship, students passionately participated in a variety of track and field events during the cordial inter-house competition. The events encompassed both long distance and short distance running, as well as high jump, ball throwing, and the exhilarating tug of war. Masamune House emerged as the ultimate victors, claiming the prestigious Kamoshika Cup. 

During the final week of term, we had an incredible time at our first House Stomp and Shout Competition. It was an absolute delight to welcome parents to witness the amazing talent of our students. Each House gave an outstanding performance, showcasing their skills in both song and dance in front of the entire school. A big congratulations to Masamune House for being crowned the overall winners of the ‘Stomp’ and to Lyons’ House for securing the victory in the ‘Shout’ category. The House Stomp and Shout Competition will forever be remembered as a magnificent showcase of our students’ incredible talent and a testament to the vibrant spirit and camaraderie that permeates our school. 

As the culmination of a remarkable year, Speech Day served as the pinnacle event, where we gathered to honour and recognise the exceptional achievements of our students. This special ceremony was dedicated to applauding their remarkable academic accomplishments, unwavering commitment to enrichment activities, and exemplary embodiment of house spirit. 

We take immense pride in inviting you to read the words of our esteemed Founding Head Master. Please click here to immerse yourself in the heartfelt address.

June has been a month filled with incredible experiences, growth, and memorable moments. Let’s continue to embrace the spirit of adventure and learning together as we look forward to more remarkable journeys ahead at Harrow Appi next academic year!