New Acting Head Master  

We are delighted to welcome Stephen Tong to Harrow Appi as our Acting Head Master, starting from 1 August 2023. Stephen joins us from Harrow Shenzhen Qianhai, where he has been an integral part of the school since 2021. With an impressive thirty-two years of teaching experience in six different schools in the United Kingdom, Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our community. Throughout his career, he has held diverse curricular and pastoral roles, accumulating over twenty years as a senior leader. 

Prior to his journey to China, Stephen served as the Headteacher of a large secondary school in the far Southwest of England for twelve years. He holds a degree in History from the esteemed University of Durham, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence. 

Stephen’s invaluable contributions at Harrow Shenzhen have left a lasting mark on the school’s development. With his exceptional leadership, he has built highly effective teams and spearheaded remarkable academic improvements. Now, as he joins Harrow Appi, Stephen’s unwavering commitment extends beyond our school to embrace the entire Harrow family. In collaboration with Founding Head Master Mick Farley, he will embark on a meticulous handover process, ensuring seamless continuity and continued progress. Together, they will shape a bright future for Harrow Appi and its students. 

Stephen comments: “My wife, Jane, and I are excited to be coming to Harrow Appi Japan. I have a life-long passion for music and although not accomplished as a performer, I am an expert listener and collector.  In addition, I enjoy most sports and the outdoor life in general.  I enjoy good food, I am an ever-improving cook and I enjoy a range of arts and literature.  I could not be more excited about our future at Harrow Appi.  There will be a lot to learn and get used but know that the companionship of my new Harrow family will make this a pleasurable and enjoyable challenge to meet.”

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