Celebrating Linguistic Brilliance

Our Whole School Language Learning Extravaganza

The Languages Department was delighted to host a week-long series of engaging interactive language activities for all year groups commencing with Shell on Monday 4 September and finishing with some entertaining and original communicative team speaking games for all the Lower Prep on Friday 8 September. All students had the opportunity to develop new language skills in either Japanese, Mandarin Chinese or French. The team of language teachers were hugely impressed with how the students confidently entered into the spirit of these one-hour language sessions. 

Each session was designed with appropriately demanding tasks to give participants the freedom to express themselves without fear of making a mistake, while enabling them to develop an understanding of language structure. Students remarked on the fun they had with pronouncing French expressions and many Japanese students enjoyed learning Chinese for the first time with the prospect of continuing their pursuit of this new-found interest in the Mandarin Learners SCA.  

Some comments from students included: 

Max (Remove): ”I loved lining up and asking questions in a group, so I did not feel embarrassed with everyone speaking as well.” 

Andy (Lower Prep): “I am definitely going to choose French SCA now I know how much fun it is.”

Kevin (Fifth Form): ”I am new to this school and really enjoyed the Japanese language activities and have signed up for Japanese Learners SCA.” 

Thomas (Remove): “The Mandarin classes were great. I already love learning languages and will be on board for the Mandarin Learners SCA again this term.” 

The students enjoyed a positive learning experience, and I would like to join them in expressing my thanks to the Languages Department teachers: Ms Cheng, Ms Du, Ms Li, Ms Ikeda, Ms Uhara and Ms Benson. Each one devoted much of their time to planning such innovative tasks and delivering them with boundless energy and enthusiasm to get the term off to a wonderful start for this initial celebration of foreign language learning in our second year at Harrow Appi. 

Written by Mr Chambers (Head of Languages)