Harrow Seal Conferment Ceremony & Celebration

Today, we are delighted to celebrate the official Harrow Seal Conferment Ceremony & Celebration, in which we welcomed VIP guests from Harrow UK, AISL Harrow and Iwate Prefecture as well as students, parents and staff. 

Head Master, Stephen Tong comments: “It is my immense pleasure and great fortune to be Harrow Appi’s Head Master at such a historic occasion as the Harrow Seal Conferment Ceremony & Celebration. 

Harrow Appi stands as a distinctive and profoundly remarkable institution, and I am truly grateful to you all for being part of this journey. As the sole Harrow International School to faithfully replicate Harrow UK’s full boarding experience, complemented by our exceptional mountainous backdrop, we provide our students with an environment where the love for learning truly flourishes. 

Whether our students find themselves within the classroom or amidst the splendour of the great outdoors, Harrow Appi instills in them a genuine passion for the pursuit of knowledge. 

The seal we receive today is highly significant, as it represents our commitment to deliver educational excellence, as part of a 450-year-old Harrow tradition. We embrace our responsibility with great pride, as we bring the best of an English education to the mountains of Iwate knowing that we will do right by our young learners in the present and for their futures. 

Stet fortuna domus”