Iwate Manga Competition

“We had a great fun spending time learning and working on the four-panel manga with Mr Christopher Eisenfield on 13 September. Before we started writing our manga, Mr Eisenfield explained what manga is and his story. To be specific, he showed us the techniques to make a great piece. In addition, his manga is posted on the “Coro Coro manga magazine”. This magazine is one of the most famous manga magazines in Japan. I have read his stories several times.”

“While we were drawing, he drew an easy and inspiring four panel manga on the board as an example. So, we tried to utilise as much of his technique as we could to make our best piece. While creating our own piece Mr Eisenfield gave us some advice and support. He was an expert teacher as well.   

After working on our Mangas for an hour and a half, we shared our Mangas to each other. Everyone tried their best, and they were absolutely stunning. I feel like I have improved in writing Mangas so much. I hope everybody else did as well. Although, I think Mr Eisenfield’s three-minute manga was better than my piece.   

Lastly, I want to thank the contribution of Mr Higgins, Ms Adachi and all the other staff who planned this excellent opportunity for us. And of course, to Mr Eisenfield who taught us Mangas. It was a great pleasure spending time at the manga workshop.”

Written by Shun, Upper Prep (Churchill)