Learning from a Local Business

On Saturday 20 May, all Remove Economics and Business Studies students visited the PS Company Factory in Hachimantai. PS company are the manufacturers that produced all the radiators here in our school. We went to see a part of what we learn in the classroom happen in the factory, how raw materials and components are converted into finished products.

We were met by the company CEO, Mr Take, who welcomed us and gave a short presentation on the history of the company and how they create indoor environments for their customers. It was fascinating to hear how they work with and use the natural environment and natural flows of air from different temperature and humidity areas to their advantage.


The factory was an amazing space with four enormous indoor garden beds that allow the roots of their 30-foot-tall cactus to reach straight down to the forest floor. They make use of the natural ground water to first cool areas in the factory, then they heat the water in their radiators, keeping everyone warm in the icy winter. The water is then used in the production process to test and clean their products before feeding their gardens and returning to the natural well to be used all over again.

After our tour of the facilities, we were taken on a short walk through the forest they maintain to keep the air fresh and clean. And then, before we left, we were treated by Mr Take and his team to fresh hand-made mochi and iced tea. It was a great morning, and it was really interesting to see a company that not only markets itself as environmentally conscious and sustainable, but actually puts into practice everything they say in the way they operate their factory, right here in our local area.” 

Written by Kevin L and Kevin Z, Masamune House